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Hospital Education Service

In addition to our centre based tuition service located at Pickering Road, the Sullivan Centre Hospital Education Service also provides education through an Offsite provision located at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Hospital Teaching Service aims:

  • To minimise the effects of non attendance on pupils’ educational progress, levels of attainment and personal development.
  • To use educational activities as a therapeutic approach to promoting the health and well being of the pupil.
  • To increase a pupil’s levels of engagement in both education and social activities.
  • To facilitate successful reintegration into school, as appropriate.

You can find us at:

Hospital Teaching Service

Floor 13

Hull Royal Infirmary

Anlaby Rd



Tel: 01482 674458

Hospital Teaching Service

Based at Hull Royal Infirmary, in-patients aged between 5 and 16 years may be taught either at the bedside, or in the Hospital Schoolroom situated on the 13th Floor.

Educational programmes are carefully tailored to the needs of each pupil, taking into consideration the implications of a child’s need/ medical condition.

Staff liaise closely with schools to ensure that the educational provision made for each pupil corresponds with their own need, this may be provided by the Offsite Education team or by the pupil’s home school.

In partnership with the Hospital Chaplain, each term we arrange a community event where patients, parents/carers and the hospital team meet for drinks, cakes and a brief informal service to celebrate pupil achievement.


Home Tuition Service

For those pupils, living within Kingston upon Hull; whose medical needs prevent them from attending their mainstream setting or the Sullivan Centre, we may provide home tuition.

Referrals to the Home Tuition Service will come through one of four routes:  

  • a referral can be made by a school, with validation from a medical professional or body;  
  • a referral can also be made directly by a consultant or CAMHS;
  • a referral may be coordinated by the Hospital Education Service based at Hull Royal Infirmary;
  • a referral may be made by the Fair Access Panel.

Once a referral has been accepted, both the school and the parents/carers will be contacted and the structure of suppoort will be arranged. Staff liaise closely with schools to ensure that the educational provision made for each pupil corresponds with their own need, work packs are to be provided by the pupil’s home school to ensure continuity and to support the process of transition.

In circumstances when a pupil requires support in the process of transition, this will be coordinated by the Outreach team.


If you have any queries or would like to make a referral, please contact Miss Fern, Tel:01482 303300. Alternatively, please use this link to download the Home Tuition Referral form: